Wednesday, 17 December 2014

“...Long Live ‘Just for Me and You’....”

Spring with beautiful flowers , which always portray the excitement of each student at the University of Shinwa always occur annually . How beautiful decorations in every corner of the faculty . Spring time looks more crowded than before . Since the beginning of the season coincides with new admissions .

"Heeii , changkaman . "
That greeting men tall and somewhat dusky skinned it call a woman in front of him . Looks like nobody called her , she was still walking toward the back of the faculty of Biology .

"Noona , Jebalyeo , I just wanted to ask a little bit of your time "
Women with long hair straight it still runs with small steps . Every now and then he turned his face to the back and continued on . Cherry blossoms bunch who had been clutched tightly , now slowly he dropped to the ground as he turned around and walked toward the front of the first year students . 

"Not enough that you say it in front of all new students ? ,'re a junior high school student . And this time you ask for a bit of my time ? For what? Do you want to say I miss you ? "
 Seohyun , that women were a little subdued it is often called by his friends . Indeed, lately new students of the faculty with it often makes it uncomfortable on campus 

"My name is Kim Jong -in , but Noona can call Kai . Mianhae Noona , I just want to apologize for my remarks yesterday . "Answer Jong In , staring at his eyes Sunbae standing right in front of him .

"Well, I do not want to discuss it anymore , from now suppose we never met . "


"Kaiiiiii ,,, hurry wake up . Noona already heats the bike "
Sounds a little loud audible by kai which slowly began wake himself from his nap .

"Noona is ready? Wait a minute . I want to shower first . "
Kai rushed to grab a towel and began to bathe . Her sleepy nature that can not be detained to make sure that this afternoon he had made ​​an appointment with her ​​beloved sister Tiffany to go drinking in coffee subscription near the house .

 "Noona , do you know with Seohyun Noona ?. Coed contemporaries with Noona , WHO one faculty with me ? "

"Why ? You know him ? . "
Tiffany full responsibility with curiosity . Tiffany is kowing woman 's age well . Many men who want to be a lover . her face is very soft , graceful and also the perfect female figure in the eyes of men , including the man who now together tiffany also had fallen in love with him . but none of the university student to get his heart .

"I did not know him , but I never say that I love her . As to whether the nature of the Noona Seohyun ? " . Kai a little embarrassed to say it to his brother began to show his red face and lowered her head .

"I say that , when the first day campus orientation. Because the day was my birthday, Sunbae told me to say Saranghae with another girl . "
Since then kai see a long-haired woman was sitting out in the garden which is not far from where orientation campus. She looks elegant with a sweet smile on her face while reading the novel . Somehow suddenly he was moved to say that the Sunbae sitting in front of it . 

"Noona hello , how are you ? " . Kai greet the woman in front of it .

"Nugu ? "

Women 's soft voice instantly make kai heart pounding . And immediately he said " Saranghae Noona " . In front of many people kai pronounce sentence even though he had never said .


"so ..... you want to leave this evening ? "
Ask taeyeon who want to know whether gosib the current debate on campus about his friend with kai . In his mind , it is clear that his friend might not want to date a man whose age is two years younger and seemed a bit sloppy like kai . Moreover , men who coveted Seohyun it is adult men and certainly committed .

"Yes , I'll give it a try . Do not worry , this is for the first and last " .
With a reassuring tone Seohyun then continued , " anyway , I 've had Kriss oppa . This is just to make kai could get away from me " .

" Where are we going ? " Asked Seohyun which is right in front of him .
" I will invite to the ice skatting noona , do you want ? " . responsible kai who are eager to invite the woman to her favorite place .

" We eat it , today I'm very tired " Seohyun who did not want to stay long together kai finally persuaded him to eat at the cafe and then go home .


Fatigue on his body slowly disappear with shadow male figure which makes it feel very different from before . Now his heart began to change . Never once did he feel so happy and can laugh off such moments with the man .
Perhaps one word that can be described by Seohyun is " Enchanted " . Well , that's one word that can make Seohyun can now be more cheerful and felt privileged grama . Even the men who accompanied him about the last 2 years was not able to make him happier .

" Noona , are you happy to go out with me today ?, answer yes , because it is the only answer so I wanted. "
Once the contents of the short message from kai to Seohyun . Sweet smile on her face as if to answer the message.

" Shawty's like a melody in my head , That I can not keep out got me singing like na na na na ...... na everyday , it's like my iPod stuck on replay - ay - ay -ay " so melodious voice Seohyun heard in every corner of the room that incessant her she sang Julia Sheer cover it in his I-phone while enjoying the night and imagine how happy he is with his sister a new level he knew it .
As if the song that depicts perasaaannya now , Seohyun began to keep remembering and imagining how he dared to play a guitar that he had never played .

In the midst of the city of Gangnam , he sang and played guitar alongside satisfied Jongin , as if he forgot himself who always looks elegant and perfect . Every now and then he looked at the face jongin , like ..... sparks fly .... emission wajanya make her heart beat stronger .

" Ahhh ,, why do I have ? What I 've been mad ?. Why I like children age ??? 20th . But ..... why I really like this ?. This even more happy than when I was 20 years old . " Smile etched on his face as sweet start with terpejamnya eyes that had begun to rebel to closed . Seouhyun let her sleep this time accompanied by still berdebarnya heart and sweet smile , and hope that she will dream of the man .


" Dear Kim Jong -in , where are you created ?. I want to know who pencitamu , and I want to say thank you because it was made ​​man like you.
Jong in ~ ah , there was already three years we were always together . Do you know ? I think I want to play every day car bombs with you , because it allowed me to unburden and lelahku and also I can see you laugh out loud .
I want every day to be with you , running and circling in the garden , free to shout , joking with you and fall asleep gazing at the sky as he prayed to god convey my feelings to you .

With you, makes me feel two years younger . Feels so much fun .
Do you remember ? Chocolate ice cream near my house ? I eat it every day aspires to be with you even though you often scribble my face with ice cream . And do you remember when pretending to be late coming to campus so that we be punished ? And we are going to spend their time together during the punishment ?.

It all would never be forgotten . Jong In ~ ah , whether you want to accept my appointment ? "Promise me this , if you were still here with me forever , but god forbid , and if we split up , if you have a children someday when the point to the pictures .... please tell them about me . Tell them how I was expecting to have them grow shine "

Jong In ~ ah , saengil cukkahamnida hope you always healthy and happy . Sorry kalaudi ari your birthday this time I can not come . I just send this as a gift for you .
 I'm sorry, I was guilty . I should not let this feeling awake . Let you stay by my side , and never once I told him about " fiance " .
 And with this letter , I also want to tell you that I'm going to settle in France after getting married later . but Jongin ~ ah promise to live longer , because the feeling is just for you. "

" Chagiya ...... , where are you ? Are you ready we went to korea ? . "
Kriss , who was busy issuing goods call Seohyun to leave the house and go to the airport .

" Ne ... changkamman , if you 've phoned the doctor to delay 15 minutes of operation eomma ? I want to see her before she surgery .


" What are you not tired Kai ? "
" Why did you take your S3 in France ? . never mind becomes S2 was enough for Korean men . You want to look for what else ? . look at you is getting older , you should have married . Why do none of the women that you introduce to eomma and Appa ?? "

" Noona , you know ..... the only one reason I took this S3 ?. I still love Seohyun Noona . I'm sure I could have it ... and I know his heart just for me . Please understand me Noona ......... "

" Kai ..... try to see the news on TV , instead it Seohyun ? "
Tiffany immediately divert talks and turning heads right kai parallel to the tv . how surprised kai , clearly visible to him the woman who was crying it . French - Korean majors plane exploded during take of at incheon airport .

" Noona , I 'll be right back " .